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New Best in class 1" AODD pump


Contact for on site demonstration.


Enhanced Convenience

Exponentially reduce AODD pump assembly and service time:

  • Reduced service time – EvolutionX takes, on average, five minutes to service the air distribution system compared to 45 minutes on average for other AODD pumps.

  • Serviceability – All of the wet side nuts and bolts are the same size & length, and the use of washers has been eliminated. In fact, the EvolutionX has 50% fewer fasteners than the previous model.

  • Accessibility – You can access airside components by removing only four bolts revealing an easily removable cartridge-style main air valve and pilot valve assembly.

  • Improved stability for increased safety – We have added “stand-off feet” to the inner chambers to stabilize the pump on the workbench during disassembly.

Superior Performance & Efficiency

Improve overall efficiency and safety during operation while decreasing operating costs due to:

  • Lower energy use – Achieves an incredible 20% average increase in air efficiency throughout the entire curve over our prior model.

  • High flow – The EvolutionX has the highest flow rate of any other 1" AODD pump.

Increased Versatility

Meet countless configuration and application needs with interchangeable components, featuring:

  • Durable, non-metallic construction rated for operation up to 125 psi with ATEX versions available.

  • Numerous porting options:

    • The standard EvolutionX configuration features a versatile 3-piece manifold with a universal ANSI & ISO flanged connection. Users can quickly adjust the discharge outlet for porting in multiple directions.

    • Other porting options include a single-piece end-ported manifold or a dual-ported option to accommodate mixing or processing two fluids with a single pump.

  • The mounting feet are extremely versatile and fit existing SANDPIPER pumps and multiple other manufacturers’ dimensions.

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