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Fristam Twin Screw Pump, One Pump for CIP and Process...

  • Safe and Easy Maintenance Its front-loading seal and easy casing, cover and screw removal design make the FDS easier to maintain as it does not need to be pulled offline for service.

  • Long Service Life Solid shafts and large, stable bearings allow the FDS to handle high loads under extreme conditions.

  • Versatile The FDS easily transports the most viscous products yet is suitable for low viscosities too.

  • Production and CIP with one pump The FDS handles both production and CIP, is fully hygienic and can be sterilized too.

4 Sizes - Max 363 PSI, MAX 793 GPM

  • Heat exchanger/UHT supply

  • Ice cream inclusion e.g. fruits, nuts, chocolate

  • Live cells/cultures

  • Foaming-sensitive personal care products

  • Yogurt

  • Ketchup/mayo

  • Shampoo/lotion

  • Toothpaste

  • Soups/sauces with chunks

  • Frozen dinner solids, mac ‘n cheese

  • Meat slurries

  • Fruit fillings/toppings

  • Drum unloading

  • OJ concentrate

  • Bakery yeast slurries

  • Beer

This positive displacement pump is ideal for the most viscous products at more conservative pumping speeds. But for low viscosity medium, like water or cleaning solution, the high speed rotation means you don't need a separate CIP supply pump and additional piping and valves.

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