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Grundfos Smart Digital, Actually Smart...

Grundfos has re-invented the dosing pump with Smart Digital.

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to setup

  • Modular for your needs (screen can be placed on any side)

  • Modular install (base can be vertical or horizontal mounted)

  • Easy to know if it is working, Screen will show green for good, orange for warning and red for stopped.

  • Fast and Easy calibration, no more adjustments - tell the pump how much it just pumped and it will calibrate itself.

  • Warnings for run dry, priming issues, cavitation, hose failure (discharge or suction) will de-gass itself for liquids that de-gas like Bleach

  • Multiple inputs and outputs.

  • Working on site Demo of equipment, please e-mail

Disinfection and pH adjustment

Drinking water

Process Water


Food and Beverage


Pulp and Paper

Cooling Towers

Chemical Industries


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